How Stadia/Luna might unwillingly save the TV and kill the consoles.

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I remember the day I told my parents that, one day, they would be using the TV set to play something, instead of passively watching something with no interaction at all. It was 1995 and I understood that the evolution of videogames was not just going to stop at some niche market composed of young emarginated males. …

This will hurt the economy more than the fear of contagion

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I’ve been in lockdown since early March, despite the shelter at home being removed long time ago. Why? Because there is no real reason for a responsible person to risk his health and the other’s people one just to enjoy the old habits. I’ve entered the US in early 2020, thanks to a new job and after a few weeks in the office, I found myself working from home while I was following the Italian COVID crescendo through the stories told by my family and friends there.

Before everything went crazy (while the illness was confined in China) I was…

Running iOS apps on your mac can be easily underestimated

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If you are a MAC owner and you like games you know that your OSX-based machine doesn’t play well the role of a gaming station. Given the limited MAC install base across gamers and the high costs of doing ports to this system, there are very few AAA titles that can be played on your Apple machine.

This might be changing today.

On June 22th, Apple confirmed during its WWDC2020 virtual event that the new MAC-based machines will abandon the Intel CPU (that made them a market success) and will transition to ARM-based processors, the same they have on their…

We usually overlook the negative effect of news and the addiction it creates

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News has been the solid anchor of the publishing business for years, entire companies were built on collecting, filtering, and publishing news to the masses. In our past, before the information age, information flow was difficult and slow, having a widely distributed network capable of delivering news to every single individual was a necessity to keep the society working. The news was something you must care about, and this gave power to the publishers and to people who could control the information flow. …

No lag, immense accessibility, great graphics and sounds, everything seems in favor of Stadia but…

Destiny 2 on a browser, a dream becoming true thanks to Stadia

I was a skeptic of Stadia, being in my 40s, and having been playing videogames since I was 5, I was not able to accept the fact that we could achieve real-time performance with streaming. But I work in computer science and I firmly believe that there is no industry better than gaming at pushing technology to its limits, that’s the reason why I started devouring the few in-depth contents available about stadia and started increasing my hype, despite my disbelief.

This video was one of the few “behind the scenes” stories available on Stadia (source GDC on YouTube)


Games might be the key to the future of music industry revenues

Screenshot courtesy of IGN, via YouTube

I don’t know who Travis Scott is, and to be honest, I do not care, but I found mind-blowing that Epic Games hosted a live concert into its main platform Fortnite.

Yes, Fortnite! The popular Epic Games product that mixes First-person-shooter, battle royale and Minecraft to engage millions of people… the thing that matters is that Fortnite has tens of millions of active players and should be considered a platform to drive entertainment at more than just a game scale.

Before dismissing this information as not worthy of your attention, spend some minute and watch the video of the psychedelic…

How Simon Sinek’s golden circle video, at the right time, ignited a deep change that improved my life

Image courtesy of Simon Sinek (source)

This story is about a simple talk that was able to align all the elements that I needed to move my abilities to the next step: how the golden circle helped me become a better tech leader.

The time I discovered “the Golden Circle”

My company’s product was (and still is) VERY innovative, much ahead of the market and while this sounds cool, it brings a huge challenge to the company: how do you make the prospects understand the product, to buy it? As many engineering-focused startups, we were lacking skill and experience in marketing and the very limited community in our country made talent search very…

Game streaming services are the best chance to get back into the lucrative public cloud business

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In case you are wondering: yes, the thumbnail is correct! Let me explain why you should look at Stadia as a Netflix competitor.

Google’s Cloud challenge

Creating, maintaining and growing a public cloud business is an enormous investment, but it can be worth it if you believe (like I do) that public cloud infrastructures will be the key element for any future of computing.

Google has been investing in GCP since 2008, they started after AWS and were never able to catch up in global market share. AWS leveraged the startups and the SMBs to gain immense popularity and traction, Microsoft leveraged their…

Why starting from the title and finishing with the title is a good strategy to create better articles

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As part of my job I’ve launched a company’s tech blog and helped my fellow engineers to understand the quality and value of their creations by writing articles about them. One of the things I’ve learned from that experience is that I had to define a process and an article structure that would help inexperienced writers to create a great article. I’m an avid medium reader and I came across the following article by Robert Turner and I liked it, it’s full of pragmatic instructions to help you write content that has the potential to become popular.

Robert’s article is…

Having no children changed the way I am preparing for my death

black and white picture of a man lost in thoughts in front of a window
black and white picture of a man lost in thoughts in front of a window
Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Having a family with at least two children is a “social obligation”, it’s our contribution to the future of humankind, but at the same time, it often becomes a reason to face though life decisions without looking for your own reasons.

I’m not in any way suggesting that being childless (or childfree) is a better option or that it suits anybody, but there’s one thing I’ve realized by living without children for so long:

Having no children prevents me from leveraging the most common excuse people use to avoid facing big questions: children themselves.

What am I saving for?

I have a good job and…

Dario De Agostini

Launched a successful company in his 20es. Moved to USA in his 40es to pursue his dreams. Passionate, childless husband that loves to write.

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