Why Multiplayer Will Kill Stadia

No lag, immense accessibility, great graphics and sounds, everything seems in favor of Stadia but…

Destiny 2 on a browser, a dream becoming true thanks to Stadia
This video was one of the few “behind the scenes” stories available on Stadia (source GDC on YouTube)

Stadia, from a gaming perspective is just too good

I firmly disagree with the pricing strategy but there was something else that kept nagging me but I couldn’t point out. Starting my free trial and playing Destiny 2 allowed me to understand what was bothering me. I have played First Person Shooters in a competitive way in the past (Urban Terror mod for Quake3) and I know how much reaction times and low lag are important to allow a decent competitive experience: 0 input lag is mandatory and sub 50ms network lag is the threshold to achieve a decent experience.

Launched a successful company in his 20es. Moved to USA in his 40es to pursue his dreams. Passionate, childless husband that loves to write.

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